Quality of Life Conference

Quality of Life Conference


–Havas Events NA was commissioned to design and produce the first edition of Sodexo’s Quality of Life Conference: Exploring the New Frontiers of Performance, an international meeting that bought together world leaders who believe that working welfare of individuals can be a powerful engine for social and economic performance.


–As a global hub, New York City was chosen to give an international status to the conference and Sodexo.

–For a modern and vibrant vibe, Havas Events NA selected some downtown locations such as the Conrad Hotel to host the conference and the Four World Trade Center for the conference dinner.

–Speakers included Arianna Huffington, President of The Huffington Post, Beatriz Perez, Chief Sustainability Officer at The Coca-Cola Company, Lawrence Soler, President and CEO of the Partnership for a Healthier America, and more.


–More than 300 leaders from diverse sectors, business, health, defense and education, but also think tanks, public authorities, public service, NGOs and media gathered in New York in 2015.

–Following the event, Sodexo gained 85,000 Twitter followers, 4,000 LinkedIn followers and over 80,000 visits to their live content production room.


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