Sparkling Secrets

Sparkling Secrets Revealed in Asian Exhibition


-Formerly a popular and beloved brand in Asia, Swarovski was losing traction and awareness with the younger Asian demographic.

-Havas Events NA was challenged with a solution to attract this new demographic.


-A spectacular exhibition “Swarovski Sparkling Secrets” was launched in Shanghai in 2012.

-Havas Events NA combined Swarovski’s history with famous pieces of fashion made with Swarovski crystals in order to appeal to the younger Asian audience.

-Visitors weaved through the exhibit, as the secrets of Swarovski’s story and traditions revealed themselves, room by room, with interactive media.

-Havas Events NA secured partnerships with iconic brands such as: Coco Chanel, Christian Dior and Yves Saint Laurent, which brought a relevant, modern twist to the traditional world of Swarovski’s crystal.


-Photos from the experience rapidly spread across Chinese social media, quickly turning an exclusive event into an inclusive online experience for their fans.

-Over 120.000 tickets were sold in Seoul & due to the popular demand, it traveled to Korea and Japan

-Swarovski was able to reposition the and capture the young, fashionable audience’s heart, as challenged. Proving that although some secrets lay hidden in the dark, Swarovski’s crystals ultimately glisten in the light…

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